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How to Post a Facebook Event to your Facebook Page

This blog post provides step-by-step instructions and pictures of how to post a Facebook Event to your Facebook Page.

Facebook Events are a great way to socially spread the word about an event; but sometimes you don’t just want to tell your friends, you want to post a Facebook Event for all of the people who like a Facebook Page.

As an Administrator of a Facebook page, here’s how to post an event to that page:

1. Navigate to your Facebook Page

2. Scroll down the page until you see tools:
[Your Page Name | Timeline | Now]

3. Click on Timeline and select Events (as shown below)


4. Now click the [ + Create Event ] button on the top right:


5. Enter your event information and click the [Create] button


CONGRATULATIONS!  Your event is now posted!



Now there are a number of things you can do to make your event more compelling and to encourage more YES RSVP’s:

A) Add a photo by clicking the [Add Event Photo] button (top right side):


B) RSVP yourself by clicking the [Join] button (tip right side):


C) Share the event by clicking the Share link (left column):


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Why I was so impressed with “The Story of Us: Five Years Ago Today” video from @BarackObama

Regardless of how you feel about President Obama, take a minute or two to watch this video that his digital team launched about a month ago:

What impressed me so much about this video was how the Obama campaign’s digital team used Outlook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and the Facebook timeline as background / context for photos and video from the past five years. 

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Your Input Wanted on Feature Roadmap for CivicCal

Over the winter holidays, I’ve been making some updates to a website where I list upcoming political and non-profit events in the Seattle metro area.  The site is CivicCal (for Civic Calendar.)  In addition to a listing of events, it also includes a list of organizations and a list of venues.  I’ve been thinking about directions to take the site and I would very much welcome your input.  A few ideas:

  • Personalization – Make it easier to set the organizations you’re interested in and to subscribe to their events
  • Social Network integration – Make it easier to share events with your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, etc.
  • Mobile integration – Develop a more mobile-friendly site or apps for the top mobile platforms
  • Organizations – The site is heavily focused on civic-oriented organizations and events; it could expand to include a broader set of non-profit groups
  • Geography – Should the site expand to another metro area?
  • Other – Do you have another suggestion?

Please leave a comment, post on CivicCal’s wall on Facebook, tweet at @RobDolin or @CivicCal, send an email, or otherwise get in-touch.  Thanks very much–


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How to find friends from a specific city on Facebook and LinkedIn

On Friday, I found-out about an awesome opportunity for friends in the DC area to see an exhibition basketball game played by current and former NBA all-starts.  (  I wanted to share this info with friends in the DC area, so I started doing some investigation of the “People Search” functionality on various Social Networks.


Searching for just the words “Washington, DC” on Facebook yields a bunch of junk results, but by filtering to People and picking the Washington, DC location, I got a bunch of quick results of my friends in the DC-area.  Here’s a link to the specific query:

And here are the settings I used:




For LinkedIn, you need to click the “Advanced” link:

And then set your options:

Here’s a canonical URL:

Next: Contact Import

Given these useful discoveries, I’m importing contacts from systems that have less robust people search (or out-of-date user profiles) like AOL/AIM.

Happy connecting–

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Social Network profile pictures for political campaigns

I volunteer with the 43rd District Democrats in Seattle.  One of our board members is running for Seattle City Council.  Many of the board members are supporting him and have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to the “I’m with Mo!” logo that you can see below. 

It will be hard to measure, but I’ll be curious to see if this has some impact on peripheral awareness of the campaign and people choosing to vote for Mr. Classen.


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Screenshots of upgrading to Facebook Messaging

Earlier today, I was offered the chance on Facebook to upgrade to their new Messaging platform.  I’m excited to see how this works so I went ahead and upgraded.  I’ve heard that this is a slow roll-out so I also took screenshots so blog readers who didn’t have this feature (yet) could see it:

Step 0: Activate

It looks like Facebook is offering me a chance to upgrade to their messaging platform. 


Here’s the screens of what I went through if folks are interested:

Step 1: Choosing an email alias


Step 2: Enabling text messaging

(I’ll be turning this off if Facebook doesn’t have a good relevance system for limiting who can send me a Facebook message as a text.)




If you’re also using Facebook’s new messaging, please leave a comment with any tips and/or let me know what you think.  Thanks very much–


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Is Fake Mark Zuckerberg the first fake profile on #GooglePlus?

“Hey, cmon guys, facebook still has farmville.”


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Search Engine Optimization and Presidential Politics

Try doing a search for the word “santorum” in your favorite search engine.  It’s interesting that the first hit is not the Presidential campaign of Rick Santorum but

Through the wonders many, many people linking the words “santorum” or “rick santorum” to the aforementioned site, it’s the top hit on Bing (and some other search engine.)

It’s amazing the impact a large number of small websites and blogs can have if they work together. 

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Favorite Past Posts (2009 and 2010)

Below are some of my favorite posts from 2009 and 2010:

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Archived Posts from Rob Dolin’s space

If you’re interested reading some of my blog posts from 2006-2010, you can find them on  Specific categories that might be of interest include:

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