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GOTV Opportunities and Election Night Parties

As I write this, we have less than four days before ballots in WA state are due.

Here area bunch of dates, times, and locations you can help to get-out-the-vote (GOTV):

Updated Sat, 11/5, 5:00pm: Removed 11/5 GOTV activities, added Island County and The Stranger Election Night parties


Sunday, 11/6:

·       7am: Sign-waving (Bellevue)

·       10am: Voters for Tina Countdown to the Election Brunch (Seattle)

·       10:30am: 46th LD Dems GOTV Canvassing (Seattle)

·       10:30am: Doorbelling for Lisa Wellman (41st LD) (Meet at Ballard H.S.)

·       11am: Phone-a-thon for SoundTransit Prop 1 (Seattle)

·       11:30am: GOTV (Spokane)

·       4pm: Voters for Tina Reception (Seattle)

·       4pm: GOTV with Sen. Patty Murray and Gov. Jay Inslee (Wenatchee)

·       4:30pm: Suquamish Standing with Standing Rock (Suquamish)


Monday, 11/7:

·       7am: Sign-waving (Bellevue)

·       7am: Sign Wave / Picket for SoundTransit Prop 1 (Seattle)

·       10:30am: GOTV with Sen. Patty Murray, Gov. Jay Inslee, and Tina Podlodowski (Tacoma)

·       11am: Phone-a-thon for SoundTransit Prop 1 (Seattle)

·       12:30pm: GOTV with Sen. Patty Murray, Gov. Jay Inslee, and Tina Podlodowski (Fircrest)

·       2:30pm: GOTV Doorbelling with Sen. Patty Murray (Everett)

·       2:30pm: GOTV with Gov. Jay Inslee and Tina Podlodowski (Puyallup)


Tuesday, 11/8 (ELECTION DAY):

·       7am: Sign-waving (Bellevue)

·       7am: Sign Waving for SoundTransit Prop 1 (Seattle)

·       9:30am: GOTV (Federal Way)

·       9:30am: GOTV with Sen. Patty Murray (Bothell)

·       10am: Phone-a-thon for SoundTransit Prop 1 (Seattle)

·       11:30am: GOTV with Sen. Patty Murray, Gov. Jay Inslee, and Tina Podlodowski (Seattle)


Tuesday, 11/8 (ELECTION NIGHT)

·       Election Night Party at Grethe Cammermeyer’s house (Langley)

·       Election Night Watch Party at Skagit County Headquarters (Mount Vernon)

·       Election Night Watch Party at Nile Temple Country Club (Mountlake Terrace)

·       Election Night Party at the Coachman Inn & Suites (Oak Harbor)

·       Election Night Watch Party at The Berliner Pub (Renton)

·       Election Night Pre-Func at the Warwick (Seattle)

·       Election Night Party! at the Westin (Seattle)

·       Election Night Party at Lincoln Center (Spokane)

·       Election Night Party at the 10th LD Dems office (Stanwood)

·       Election Night Celebration! at Hotel Murano (Tacoma)

·       Election Night Party at Warehouse ’23 (Vancouver)


Candidates and Initiatives (ELECTION NIGHT):

·       (CD7) Brady Walkinshaw at Canterbury Ale House (Seattle)

·       (CD7) Pramila Jayapal at Optimism Brewing Company (Seattle)

·       (LD43) Nicole Macri at Rachel’s Ginger Beer (Seattle)

·       Yes on I-735 (U.S. Constitutional Amendment for Campaign Finance Reform) at the Triple Door (Seattle)

·       Yes on I-1433 (Raise the Minimum Wage) at the Westin (Seattle)

·       Mass Transit Now (Yes on SoundTransit Prop. 1) at the Crocodile (Seattle)



·       Election Night Viewing Party at the Barrel Thief (Seattle)

·       Election Night Party at the Red Door (Seattle)

·       The Stranger’s Election Night Party with Dan Savage at the Showbox (Seattle)

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Endorsements for 2016

Many friends know I’m an active volunteer in local politics and I’m often asked about “down-ballot” races.  Below are my recommendations as well as some footnotes explaining some of these.  I’m not including a bunch of the Democrat vs. Republican races since I suspect most people reading this already have a party preference.  Thanks for reading–

  • Initiatives
    • I-1433 (State Minimum Wage): Yes
    • I-1464 (Campaign Finance): No (1)
    • I-1491 (Extreme Risk Protection Orders): Yes
    • I-1501 (Privacy protections): Yes
    • I-732 (Pollution tax): Yes (2)
    • I-735 (Corporations are not people): Yes
    • A.V. 14 and A.V. 15: Maintained (3)
  • Amendments
    • SJR #8210 (Faster redistricting): Approved
    • King County Charter #1 (Nonpartisan Prosecuting Attorney): No (4)
    • King County Charter #2 (Gender-Neutral Language): Yes
  • Federal and Washington State
    • In D vs. R., vote your partisan preference
    • Secretary of State: Tina Podlodowski (5)
    • Congressional District 7 U.S. Representative: Brady Pinero Walkinshaw (6)
    • Legislative District 43 Representative Position 1: Nicole Macri
  • State Supreme Court (7)
    • #1: Mary Yu
    • #5: Barbara Madsen
    • #6: Charles (Charlie) Wiggins
  • King County Superior Court
    • #14: Nicole Gaines Phelps
    • #26: David Keenan
    • #31: Helen Halpert
    • #44: Cathy Moore
    • #52: Anthony Gipe
    • #53: Mariane Spearman
  • City of Seattle
    • I-124 (Protect hotel workers): Yes
  • SoundTransit
    • Prop. #1 (Expand Transit): Approved (8)


  • (1) Public finance of campaigns seems like a good idea, but this is only funded for 6% of WA voters to participate and after that, it could cut into the state’s general fund.
  • (2) This is not perfect, but we need to take action against pollution
  • (3) These are on the ballot thanks to Tim Eyman.  Let the state legislature do its job.  #15 is a tax break for electric cars.
  • (4) Partisan labels provide more information to voters in down-ballot races
  • (5) The incumbent has taken actions to suppress the vote; challenger Tina Podlodowski is encouraging of voter participation
  • (5) Two diverse, progressive Democratic state legislators are running for this open seat.  Brady has a track record as the more effective legislator and is endorsed by 3x as many legislative colleagues as the other candidate.
  • (6) The three independent incumbent Justices face under-qualified challengers backed by Tim Eyman and some wealthy billionaires.  Vote for the independent, more qualified incumbents.
  • (7) Our region is choking and we need more transportation choices.  This proposition would help expand light rail (helps with I-90 and SR-520 traffic), commuter rail (helps with I-5 traffic), and buses (helps with a ton of arterial traffic.)  Even if you NEVER ride a train or bus, you will benefit from less congested highways and streets and less air pollution from cars.

Also: if you’re looking for a list of election night parties, visit:

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Support Fellow Young Democrat Candidates

Earlier this week, two friends who also ran to serve as YDA national officers in 2005 stood for City Council in their respective hometowns; and later this year, two other fellow Young Democrats will be standing for re-election.   Please consider supporting them via their websites and Facebook pages listed below.  Thanks—
Rob Dolin

Alex De Ocampo
for Los Angeles City Council

Alex served as President of the California Young Democrats and was a candidate for YDA President in 2005
Alex on Facebook


Stephanie Hausner
for Clarkston Town Council

Stephanie served as Secretary and National Committeewoman for the Young Democrats of America.
Stephanie on Facebook

Chris Anderson
for Chattanooga City Council

Chris served as President of the Tennessee Young Democrats and was a candidate for YDA President in 2009
Chris on Facebook


Alexander Lewy for Hallandale Beach City Commissioner

Alexander served as President of the Florida Young Democrats and Chair of the Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus.
Alexander on Facebook

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Recommendations for WA State Primary (Ballots due Tuesday, August 7th, 2012)

In the last few days, most WA voters received ballots in the mail.  As an active volunteer in Democratic politics, I wanted to share some compiled endorsement recommendations.  These mostly align with the 43rd District Democrats, King County Young Democrats, and Washington State Democrats where I serve as an officer.  If you have questions about why candidate X over candidate Y, if you notice a race that is missing, if you notice a typo, etc., please leave a comment or send an email.  Thanks–


King County:

  • King County Prop. 1 Children and Family Services Center Capital Levy: Approved


  • U.S. Senator: Maria Cantwell


  • Governor: Jay Inslee
  • Lieutenant Governor: Brad Owen
  • Secretary of State: Kathleen Drew
  • State Treasurer: Jim McIntire
  • State Auditor: Craig Pridemore
  • Attorney General: Bob Ferguson
  • Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter J. Goldmark
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: Randy I. Dorn
  • Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler

State Supreme Court

  • Position 2: Susan Owens
  • Position 8: Steve Gonzalez
  • Position 9: Sheryl Gordon McCloud or Bruce Hilyer (*)

King County Superior Court

  • Position 24: Elizabeth Berns
  • Position 29: Sean O’Donnell
  • Position 30: Kimberly Allen or Doug North (*)
  • Position 42: Christopher A. Washington
  • Position 46: Judy Ramseyer

City of Seattle

  • Seattle Pro. 1: Regular Tax Levy Including Seattle Public Libraries: Yes

(*) In these races, the 43rd endorsed one candidate and KCYD endorsed another.

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Why I was so impressed with “The Story of Us: Five Years Ago Today” video from @BarackObama

Regardless of how you feel about President Obama, take a minute or two to watch this video that his digital team launched about a month ago:

What impressed me so much about this video was how the Obama campaign’s digital team used Outlook, YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr, and the Facebook timeline as background / context for photos and video from the past five years. 

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Your Input Wanted on Feature Roadmap for CivicCal

Over the winter holidays, I’ve been making some updates to a website where I list upcoming political and non-profit events in the Seattle metro area.  The site is CivicCal (for Civic Calendar.)  In addition to a listing of events, it also includes a list of organizations and a list of venues.  I’ve been thinking about directions to take the site and I would very much welcome your input.  A few ideas:

  • Personalization – Make it easier to set the organizations you’re interested in and to subscribe to their events
  • Social Network integration – Make it easier to share events with your friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter, etc.
  • Mobile integration – Develop a more mobile-friendly site or apps for the top mobile platforms
  • Organizations – The site is heavily focused on civic-oriented organizations and events; it could expand to include a broader set of non-profit groups
  • Geography – Should the site expand to another metro area?
  • Other – Do you have another suggestion?

Please leave a comment, post on CivicCal’s wall on Facebook, tweet at @RobDolin or @CivicCal, send an email, or otherwise get in-touch.  Thanks very much–


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Social Network profile pictures for political campaigns

I volunteer with the 43rd District Democrats in Seattle.  One of our board members is running for Seattle City Council.  Many of the board members are supporting him and have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to the “I’m with Mo!” logo that you can see below. 

It will be hard to measure, but I’ll be curious to see if this has some impact on peripheral awareness of the campaign and people choosing to vote for Mr. Classen.


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Past King County Democrats Officers and Staff (via the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine")

I’ve been volunteering on the King County Democrats Finance Committee and we’ve been having a conversation about the organization’s staffing history.  I was deeply involved with the organization from 2004 through 2008 but I only knew a few people from the prior years.

Thanks to the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” I was able to find the officers from every year going back to 1999.  This was something that I was really pleasantly surprised to be able to find!


This also gave me a new appreciation for the importance of making pages accessible to web crawlers. (Thanks Andrew V. of the Northwest Progressive Institute for peaking my curiosity on this with some comments about rendering a calendar server-side.) 

In 2009, the left navigation was changed from a server-rendered menu to a client-rendered menu that leveraged JavaScript.  I don’t remember noticing a significant user experience change, but the Internet Archive’s crawler did not pick-up the JavaScript nav (and the various pages that were thus linked.)

Overall, this was a great discovery.  Check-out the evolution of the King County Democrats web presence over the last 10 years:*/ or the evolution of almost any site:

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YDWA Conventions and Presidents

Below is the list of the Young Democrats of Washington Convention locations and the person elected President at those convention locations.  I’m posting this here so that it gets picked-up and indexed by search engines in case someone is looking for this information in the future.

  • 1992: Silverdale, WA – James Hester
  • 1993: Wenatchee, WA – James Apa (PCYD) over Aaron Reardon (SnoCoYD)
  • 1994: Olympia, WA – James Apa (PCYD)
  • 1995: Pasco, WA – Mike Sando
  • 1996: Seattle, WA – Dean Nielsen
  • 1997: Spokane, WA -Dean Nielsen
  • 1998: Tacoma, WA – Ivan Kaplan
  • 1999: ??
  • 2000: Seattle, WA – Jaxon Ravens
  • 2001: Snoqualmie, WA – Selina Davis (KCYD) and Bruce Davis
    (no relation; Selina Davis completed term)
  • 2002: Olympia, WA – Simon Farretta (SU/KCYD)
  • 2003: Bellevue, WA – Gayatri Eassey (SU/KCYD)
  • 2004: Spokane, WA – Gayatri Eassey (SU/KCYD)
  • 2005: Vancouver, WA – Aaron Belenky (KCYD)
  • 2006: Tacoma, WA – Krystal Wood (SU/PCYD/KCYD) with Corey Sanders (KCYD)
  • 2007: Wenatchee, WA – Amanda Nelson (CCYD/KCYD) over Sean Barratt (KCYD)
  • 2008: Vancouver, WA – Amanda Nelson (CCYD/KCYD)
  • 2009: Spokane, WA – Megan Gustafson (KCYD)
  • 2010: Seattle, WA – Chiho Lai (WWU/KCYD)
    (Andrew Peabody (KCYD/UW) completed term)
  • 2011: Yakima, WA – Ashley Parcells (UW/KCYD)
  • 2012: Drew Pollom (GU/KCYD)
  • 2013: Derrick Skaug (WSU)
    (Lynda Foster (PCYD) completed term)
  • 2014: Lynda Foster (PCYD)
  • 2015: Yakima, WA – Lynda Foster (PCYD)
  • 2016: Vancouver, WA – LaKecia Farmer (WSU/KCYD) with Sarah Kohout (WWU/PCYD)

THANK YOUs: This list was compiled with help from Dean NielsenJames Apa, Javier Valdez, Selina Davis, and many others.

Notes: “with” = VP/EVP candidate; “over” = runner-up


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Mobile-friendly version of YDWA 2011 Convention Schedule

Below is a copy of the schedule for the Young Democrats of Washington (YDWA) convention in Yakima April 1-3, 2011:

Read the rest of this entry »

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