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Great morning run with the dog until…

… I realized that my tracker was set to kilometers instead of miles. 

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Extended Lap with Della

With H starting her new job today, I was on dog duty this morning.  Della and I enjoyed an extended lap through Pioneer Square but only up one block of the five-block hill.

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Extended Lap With Della

This morning, Della and I completed nearly a full “extended lap” not including two blocks up-hill that I skipped as I’m starting to worry about Della’s knees.

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Six Mile Run

On Saturday, Hillary invited me to join her for her long run. In this case, it was six miles; the longest I have ever run. I was able to complete the run only walking a few times.

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The last few weeks, I’ve been planing racquetball with a co-worker.  I’d say both of us have improved.

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Extended Lap with Della

This morning, I again took Della for a run.  This time we went from downtown to King Street (at the south end of Pioneer Square) and then back toward downtown up to Victor Steinbrueck Park.  I got a good work-out and had a bit of trouble on the last uphill blocks.  Della seemed to enjoy the run but I don’t think it winded her. 

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Last Saturday (1/16), H and I (and our dog) ran around Greenlake in the morning.  It was rather nice (but cold) and there was a ton of mist over the lake.  H had her GPS watch and because we mixed the inner path with the outer path, our total distance was 3.1 miles. 

H went-on to run another ~4 miles with her running group.  I went on to ice my knee and enjoy breakfast at a local cafe. 🙂

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Black Friday Run

Thanks to the parade blocking traffic at Fourth Ave., Della and I had a great run along the waterfront.  We went down to King St., then ran four extra blocks before starting the Western Ave. incline AND sprinting the last block at the top of the incline.  Suprisingly all of this in under 40 mins.

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Weekend Runs

The last two weekends, Della and I have had some nice longer runs.  Two weeks ago, we ran from downtown to SafeCo field and then back up the Western Ave. incline.  This past weekend, we ran under the viaduct (to stay out of the rain) down to SR 99 and then up the 1st Ave. incline.  I’m getting a bit worried that I’m able to out-run Della, but I guess she’s getting older and I’m potentially building-up my endurance.  Until next time–

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Ran a few miles

I took our dog on a jog this morning from Harbor Steps to Myrtle Edwards Park and back. It was a pretty nice jog and the dog got tired before I did. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad though.

BTW, I wish WordPress’s QuickPress functionality included a list of previously used tags and same for categories. I guess I may stop tagging and/or categorizing my posts. Oh well.

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