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Chicago Eats: The Trifecta (and more)

I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago and got to see family, friends, and enjoy some great food.  My friends and I joke about a trip to Chicago including the Chicago food trifecta of: deep-dish pizza, a hot dog, and an Italian beef.  Here are my favorite places to enjoy these Chicago delicacies:

  • Deep-dish pizza: Lou Malnati’s is my favorite with their thick chunks of tomato and butter crust.  Original Uno’s and Due’s (both downtown) are great too.  Some of my friends favor Gino’s East and one friend recommends Pequod’s.
  • Hot dogs: Irving’s for Red Hot Lovers is my long-time favorite but I also got to enjoy Poochie’s and Portillo’s this trip and they both do good work.  There’s lots to be said for a town where you say you want a hot dog with “everything on it” and they know not to include ketchup.  😉
  • Italian beef: Al’s Italian Beef downtown (River North or Taylor Street) is my favorite but Portillo’s makes a good sandwich as well.

Chicago Hot Dog

Two other great dining experiences I got to enjoy this trip were:

  • Walker Bros. Pancakes: Walker Bros. has grown to a half-dozen locations in the Chicago area and this awesome “Original House of Pancakes” (OHOP) should not be confused with the mediocre “International of House of Pancakes” (IHOP.)  Their German or Dutch baby pancakes are amazing and their apple cinnamon pancake is also stellar.  There was always a line out the door when I was growing-up and I’m so glad they now take orders by phone.
  • Brownie Pie: Baker’s Square, an upper Midwest chain of casual restaurants specializing in pie offers “Brownie Pie.”  My spouse and I picked-up one for after dinner dessert but about half got eaten as snack before dinner.


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