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Recommendations for Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza in Seattle

Growing-up in Chicago, I developed a test for Chicago-style deep-dish pizza.  Now that I live in Seattle, here are my two recommendations for getting it without getting on a plane:

  • Delfino’s Pizza – This restaurant tucked into a corner of University Village serves the closest local version.  I recommend ordering what they call the “stuffed” instead of what they call “Chicago-style” since their “stuffed” actually has the sauce on top and a thick layer of cheese while their “Chicago-style.”  If you don’t want to make the pilgrimage to the U-District (and see pictures of Chicago adorning their walls), you can get delivery via BiteSquad.
  • – Chicago’s Lou Malnatti’s Pizza was my favorite growing-up.  They actually ship overnight in dry ice and if watch for special deals, their prices are comparable to local delivery like Pagliacci’s.

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