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Endorsements for 2016

Many friends know I’m an active volunteer in local politics and I’m often asked about “down-ballot” races.  Below are my recommendations as well as some footnotes explaining some of these.  I’m not including a bunch of the Democrat vs. Republican races since I suspect most people reading this already have a party preference.  Thanks for reading–

  • Initiatives
    • I-1433 (State Minimum Wage): Yes
    • I-1464 (Campaign Finance): No (1)
    • I-1491 (Extreme Risk Protection Orders): Yes
    • I-1501 (Privacy protections): Yes
    • I-732 (Pollution tax): Yes (2)
    • I-735 (Corporations are not people): Yes
    • A.V. 14 and A.V. 15: Maintained (3)
  • Amendments
    • SJR #8210 (Faster redistricting): Approved
    • King County Charter #1 (Nonpartisan Prosecuting Attorney): No (4)
    • King County Charter #2 (Gender-Neutral Language): Yes
  • Federal and Washington State
    • In D vs. R., vote your partisan preference
    • Secretary of State: Tina Podlodowski (5)
    • Congressional District 7 U.S. Representative: Brady Pinero Walkinshaw (6)
    • Legislative District 43 Representative Position 1: Nicole Macri
  • State Supreme Court (7)
    • #1: Mary Yu
    • #5: Barbara Madsen
    • #6: Charles (Charlie) Wiggins
  • King County Superior Court
    • #14: Nicole Gaines Phelps
    • #26: David Keenan
    • #31: Helen Halpert
    • #44: Cathy Moore
    • #52: Anthony Gipe
    • #53: Mariane Spearman
  • City of Seattle
    • I-124 (Protect hotel workers): Yes
  • SoundTransit
    • Prop. #1 (Expand Transit): Approved (8)


  • (1) Public finance of campaigns seems like a good idea, but this is only funded for 6% of WA voters to participate and after that, it could cut into the state’s general fund.
  • (2) This is not perfect, but we need to take action against pollution
  • (3) These are on the ballot thanks to Tim Eyman.  Let the state legislature do its job.  #15 is a tax break for electric cars.
  • (4) Partisan labels provide more information to voters in down-ballot races
  • (5) The incumbent has taken actions to suppress the vote; challenger Tina Podlodowski is encouraging of voter participation
  • (5) Two diverse, progressive Democratic state legislators are running for this open seat.  Brady has a track record as the more effective legislator and is endorsed by 3x as many legislative colleagues as the other candidate.
  • (6) The three independent incumbent Justices face under-qualified challengers backed by Tim Eyman and some wealthy billionaires.  Vote for the independent, more qualified incumbents.
  • (7) Our region is choking and we need more transportation choices.  This proposition would help expand light rail (helps with I-90 and SR-520 traffic), commuter rail (helps with I-5 traffic), and buses (helps with a ton of arterial traffic.)  Even if you NEVER ride a train or bus, you will benefit from less congested highways and streets and less air pollution from cars.

Also: if you’re looking for a list of election night parties, visit:

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