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How to Post a Facebook Event to your Facebook Page

This blog post provides step-by-step instructions and pictures of how to post a Facebook Event to your Facebook Page.

Facebook Events are a great way to socially spread the word about an event; but sometimes you don’t just want to tell your friends, you want to post a Facebook Event for all of the people who like a Facebook Page.

As an Administrator of a Facebook page, here’s how to post an event to that page:

1. Navigate to your Facebook Page

2. Scroll down the page until you see tools:
[Your Page Name | Timeline | Now]

3. Click on Timeline and select Events (as shown below)


4. Now click the [ + Create Event ] button on the top right:


5. Enter your event information and click the [Create] button


CONGRATULATIONS!  Your event is now posted!



Now there are a number of things you can do to make your event more compelling and to encourage more YES RSVP’s:

A) Add a photo by clicking the [Add Event Photo] button (top right side):


B) RSVP yourself by clicking the [Join] button (tip right side):


C) Share the event by clicking the Share link (left column):



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