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Support Fellow Young Democrat Candidates

Earlier this week, two friends who also ran to serve as YDA national officers in 2005 stood for City Council in their respective hometowns; and later this year, two other fellow Young Democrats will be standing for re-election.   Please consider supporting them via their websites and Facebook pages listed below.  Thanks—
Rob Dolin

Alex De Ocampo
for Los Angeles City Council

Alex served as President of the California Young Democrats and was a candidate for YDA President in 2005
Alex on Facebook


Stephanie Hausner
for Clarkston Town Council

Stephanie served as Secretary and National Committeewoman for the Young Democrats of America.
Stephanie on Facebook

Chris Anderson
for Chattanooga City Council

Chris served as President of the Tennessee Young Democrats and was a candidate for YDA President in 2009
Chris on Facebook


Alexander Lewy for Hallandale Beach City Commissioner

Alexander served as President of the Florida Young Democrats and Chair of the Young Democrats of America Jewish Caucus.
Alexander on Facebook

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How to Post a Facebook Event to your Facebook Page

This blog post provides step-by-step instructions and pictures of how to post a Facebook Event to your Facebook Page.

Facebook Events are a great way to socially spread the word about an event; but sometimes you don’t just want to tell your friends, you want to post a Facebook Event for all of the people who like a Facebook Page.

As an Administrator of a Facebook page, here’s how to post an event to that page:

1. Navigate to your Facebook Page

2. Scroll down the page until you see tools:
[Your Page Name | Timeline | Now]

3. Click on Timeline and select Events (as shown below)


4. Now click the [ + Create Event ] button on the top right:


5. Enter your event information and click the [Create] button


CONGRATULATIONS!  Your event is now posted!



Now there are a number of things you can do to make your event more compelling and to encourage more YES RSVP’s:

A) Add a photo by clicking the [Add Event Photo] button (top right side):


B) RSVP yourself by clicking the [Join] button (tip right side):


C) Share the event by clicking the Share link (left column):


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