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Recommendations for WA State Primary (Ballots due Tuesday, August 7th, 2012)

In the last few days, most WA voters received ballots in the mail.  As an active volunteer in Democratic politics, I wanted to share some compiled endorsement recommendations.  These mostly align with the 43rd District Democrats, King County Young Democrats, and Washington State Democrats where I serve as an officer.  If you have questions about why candidate X over candidate Y, if you notice a race that is missing, if you notice a typo, etc., please leave a comment or send an email.  Thanks–


King County:

  • King County Prop. 1 Children and Family Services Center Capital Levy: Approved


  • U.S. Senator: Maria Cantwell


  • Governor: Jay Inslee
  • Lieutenant Governor: Brad Owen
  • Secretary of State: Kathleen Drew
  • State Treasurer: Jim McIntire
  • State Auditor: Craig Pridemore
  • Attorney General: Bob Ferguson
  • Commissioner of Public Lands: Peter J. Goldmark
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: Randy I. Dorn
  • Insurance Commissioner: Mike Kreidler

State Supreme Court

  • Position 2: Susan Owens
  • Position 8: Steve Gonzalez
  • Position 9: Sheryl Gordon McCloud or Bruce Hilyer (*)

King County Superior Court

  • Position 24: Elizabeth Berns
  • Position 29: Sean O’Donnell
  • Position 30: Kimberly Allen or Doug North (*)
  • Position 42: Christopher A. Washington
  • Position 46: Judy Ramseyer

City of Seattle

  • Seattle Pro. 1: Regular Tax Levy Including Seattle Public Libraries: Yes

(*) In these races, the 43rd endorsed one candidate and KCYD endorsed another.

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