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Getting a Windows Phone on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and even U.S. Cellular

Nokia Lumia 900 (Cyan)If you’re an AT&T cellular customer, you hopefully have seen the awesome Nokia Lumia 900 (right) available in CYAN, black and white.  However, this is only one of many awesome Windows Phones that AT&T offers including the HTC Titan II with its massive screen or the smaller Samsung Focus series including the original Focus (my first Windows Phone), the Focus 2 in white, and the budget-priced Focus Flash which AT&T is offering for less than $1. 

But AT&T is not the only network that offers great Windows Phone devices.  While the iPhone is nice and may have lots of apps, it doesn’t let me create apps for people.  The Windows Phone has all of the key apps but I can also create app-like tiles for my spouse, best friend, and other friends, family members, and groups and “pin” these to my home screen. 


HTC Arrive™

If you like discounted, unlimited data plans, Sprint seems to be the way to go in the USA.  They don’t have a ton of selection of phones like AT&T, but the HTC Arrive (left) is a nice device that includes a sliding keyboard for people who may prefer a tactile keyboard for quick email and TXT’ing. 


Even though Verizon was the carrier behind the original Droid campaign touting Google’s Android OS, Verizon has a solid Windows Phone in the HTC Trophy.  I used a phone with similar hardware on AT&T and it’s a solid, highly capable phone.  It looks like a black version of the HTC device lower right.


HTC Radar™ 4G

T-Mobile was the first carrier to have a Nokia Windows Phone in the USA with the Lumia 710 (available in both black and white.)  T-Mobile also has the HTC Radar 4G (right.)  All three are great phones that run the latest Windows Phone 7.5 OS (aka “Mango.”)

U.S. Cellular

While I don’t know anyone with U.S. Cellular as their carrier, since they helped to remove the infamous name “Comiskey” from a Chicago baseball stadium, I feel like they merit a mention here for offering the HTC 7 Pro.

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