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How to find friends from a specific city on Facebook and LinkedIn

On Friday, I found-out about an awesome opportunity for friends in the DC area to see an exhibition basketball game played by current and former NBA all-starts.  (  I wanted to share this info with friends in the DC area, so I started doing some investigation of the “People Search” functionality on various Social Networks.


Searching for just the words “Washington, DC” on Facebook yields a bunch of junk results, but by filtering to People and picking the Washington, DC location, I got a bunch of quick results of my friends in the DC-area.  Here’s a link to the specific query:

And here are the settings I used:




For LinkedIn, you need to click the “Advanced” link:

And then set your options:

Here’s a canonical URL:

Next: Contact Import

Given these useful discoveries, I’m importing contacts from systems that have less robust people search (or out-of-date user profiles) like AOL/AIM.

Happy connecting–


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  1. Facebookinfo says:

    Thanks for this complete tutorial about Facebook search

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