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Windows Phone App Recommendations

A while ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who suggested that Windows Phone didn’t have very many apps.  I think he might be living in the past.  😉  With the latest apps including Amazon and Netflix and the latest games including Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tetris; I continue to keep my SIM card in my Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) and my iPhone stays in a drawer at home.


  • 4th & Mayor – A second foursquare app
  • Adobe Reader – When someone
  • American Airlines – For booking travel and checking on rewards
  • Evernote – Syncs my notes between my phones and PC’s.
  • Facebook – When I want to search for Events on Facebook
  • Foursquare – My favorite local social app
  • Gowalla – Great local app for some cities including their hometown of Austin, TX
  • Microsoft Tag Reader
  • Seesmic – Posting to multiple social media accounts
  • Twitter – When I want to view Twitters lists
  • Yelp – Checking local reviews
  • YouTube – watching the occasional video that a friend shares



  • ChickenImplosion – Great game premise and entertaining graphics
  • Flow – A geometry puzzle app written by a friend
  • Kill the Duck – Like “Duck Hunt” from your old 8-bit Nintendo
  • Impossible Shoota – Space Invaders with really nice graphics
  • The Oregon Trail HD – Yeah, like you played on the old Apple ][e
  • Swipy man – Cute physics-based game
  • Unite – It’s like the old “Marble Madness” arcade game


Seattle/WA specific

  • OneBusAway – Our local public transit app; tells when the next bus is coming
  • Seattle Traffic – For seeing the WSDOT map of how congested the highways are

If you’re thinking about getting a new SmartPhone, here are my recommendations on the USA-based carriers based on which devices are available as of mid-August 2011:

Larger screen Keyboard
Samsung Focus
Dell Venue Pro or
LG Quantum
Verizon HTC Trophy
T-Mobile HTC HD7 Dell Venue Pro
Sprint HTC Arrive HTC Arrive

Thanks for visiting–

P.S. For more apps and games, check-out the Featured, Top Free, and Top Paid lists of Windows Phone apps. 


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