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Windows Phone App Recommendations

A while ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who suggested that Windows Phone didn’t have very many apps.  I think he might be living in the past.  😉  With the latest apps including Amazon and Netflix and the latest games including Plants vs. Zombies, Fruit Ninja, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tetris; I continue to keep my SIM card in my Windows Phone (Samsung Focus) and my iPhone stays in a drawer at home.


  • 4th & Mayor – A second foursquare app
  • Adobe Reader – When someone
  • American Airlines – For booking travel and checking on rewards
  • Evernote – Syncs my notes between my phones and PC’s.
  • Facebook – When I want to search for Events on Facebook
  • Foursquare – My favorite local social app
  • Gowalla – Great local app for some cities including their hometown of Austin, TX
  • Microsoft Tag Reader
  • Seesmic – Posting to multiple social media accounts
  • Twitter – When I want to view Twitters lists
  • Yelp – Checking local reviews
  • YouTube – watching the occasional video that a friend shares



  • ChickenImplosion – Great game premise and entertaining graphics
  • Flow – A geometry puzzle app written by a friend
  • Kill the Duck – Like “Duck Hunt” from your old 8-bit Nintendo
  • Impossible Shoota – Space Invaders with really nice graphics
  • The Oregon Trail HD – Yeah, like you played on the old Apple ][e
  • Swipy man – Cute physics-based game
  • Unite – It’s like the old “Marble Madness” arcade game


Seattle/WA specific

  • OneBusAway – Our local public transit app; tells when the next bus is coming
  • Seattle Traffic – For seeing the WSDOT map of how congested the highways are

If you’re thinking about getting a new SmartPhone, here are my recommendations on the USA-based carriers based on which devices are available as of mid-August 2011:

Larger screen Keyboard
Samsung Focus
Dell Venue Pro or
LG Quantum
Verizon HTC Trophy
T-Mobile HTC HD7 Dell Venue Pro
Sprint HTC Arrive HTC Arrive

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P.S. For more apps and games, check-out the Featured, Top Free, and Top Paid lists of Windows Phone apps. 

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Social Network profile pictures for political campaigns

I volunteer with the 43rd District Democrats in Seattle.  One of our board members is running for Seattle City Council.  Many of the board members are supporting him and have changed their profile pictures on Facebook to the “I’m with Mo!” logo that you can see below. 

It will be hard to measure, but I’ll be curious to see if this has some impact on peripheral awareness of the campaign and people choosing to vote for Mr. Classen.


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