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Screenshots of upgrading to Facebook Messaging

Earlier today, I was offered the chance on Facebook to upgrade to their new Messaging platform.  I’m excited to see how this works so I went ahead and upgraded.  I’ve heard that this is a slow roll-out so I also took screenshots so blog readers who didn’t have this feature (yet) could see it:

Step 0: Activate

It looks like Facebook is offering me a chance to upgrade to their messaging platform. 


Here’s the screens of what I went through if folks are interested:

Step 1: Choosing an email alias


Step 2: Enabling text messaging

(I’ll be turning this off if Facebook doesn’t have a good relevance system for limiting who can send me a Facebook message as a text.)




If you’re also using Facebook’s new messaging, please leave a comment with any tips and/or let me know what you think.  Thanks very much–



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