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Screenshots of upgrading to Facebook Messaging

Earlier today, I was offered the chance on Facebook to upgrade to their new Messaging platform.  I’m excited to see how this works so I went ahead and upgraded.  I’ve heard that this is a slow roll-out so I also took screenshots so blog readers who didn’t have this feature (yet) could see it:

Step 0: Activate

It looks like Facebook is offering me a chance to upgrade to their messaging platform. 


Here’s the screens of what I went through if folks are interested:

Step 1: Choosing an email alias


Step 2: Enabling text messaging

(I’ll be turning this off if Facebook doesn’t have a good relevance system for limiting who can send me a Facebook message as a text.)




If you’re also using Facebook’s new messaging, please leave a comment with any tips and/or let me know what you think.  Thanks very much–



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Past King County Democrats Officers and Staff (via the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine")

I’ve been volunteering on the King County Democrats Finance Committee and we’ve been having a conversation about the organization’s staffing history.  I was deeply involved with the organization from 2004 through 2008 but I only knew a few people from the prior years.

Thanks to the Internet Archive’s “Wayback Machine” I was able to find the officers from every year going back to 1999.  This was something that I was really pleasantly surprised to be able to find!


This also gave me a new appreciation for the importance of making pages accessible to web crawlers. (Thanks Andrew V. of the Northwest Progressive Institute for peaking my curiosity on this with some comments about rendering a calendar server-side.) 

In 2009, the left navigation was changed from a server-rendered menu to a client-rendered menu that leveraged JavaScript.  I don’t remember noticing a significant user experience change, but the Internet Archive’s crawler did not pick-up the JavaScript nav (and the various pages that were thus linked.)

Overall, this was a great discovery.  Check-out the evolution of the King County Democrats web presence over the last 10 years:*/ or the evolution of almost any site:

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BIG NEWS: New Home in Montlake

This past month, Hillary and I closed on a three-bedroom home in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle (South of the University District and north of Capitol Hill.)  We’ll be slowly moving-in over the month of July and look forward to welcoming you soon.

Large front of house (from Trulia)

Contact Us

Our new address will be:

2511 W. Montlake Pl. E
Seattle, WA 98112

Map picture

Get directions with Bing

Come Visit in Seattle

We’re looking to set-up one of the bedrooms as a guest room and welcome our friends and family to Seattle.  My sister will be visiting from Chicago, IL for a weekend in July and cousin Matthew from Salt Lake City, UT will be spending a weekend in August.  Especially for friends from rougher climates, Seattle’s summers are beautiful and Seattle’s winters are very mild. 

First Meal

Two of our best friends, Michaela and Kevin, were in town from DC and joined us for our first meal in the new home yesterday.  (Pagliacci Pizza and L’Ecole No 41 wine.)  The sellers did not leave furniture so our current dining room is populated with a CostCo table and four CostCo folding chairs.

First Meal in Montlake Home

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