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YDWA Conventions and Presidents

Below is the list of the Young Democrats of Washington Convention locations and the person elected President at those convention locations.  I’m posting this here so that it gets picked-up and indexed by search engines in case someone is looking for this information in the future.

  • 1992: Silverdale, WA – James Hester
  • 1993: Wenatchee, WA – James Apa (PCYD) over Aaron Reardon (SnoCoYD)
  • 1994: Olympia, WA – James Apa (PCYD)
  • 1995: Pasco, WA – Mike Sando
  • 1996: Seattle, WA – Dean Nielsen
  • 1997: Spokane, WA -Dean Nielsen
  • 1998: Tacoma, WA – Ivan Kaplan
  • 1999: ??
  • 2000: Seattle, WA – Jaxon Ravens
  • 2001: Snoqualmie, WA – Selina Davis (KCYD) and Bruce Davis
    (no relation; Selina Davis completed term)
  • 2002: Olympia, WA – Simon Farretta (SU/KCYD)
  • 2003: Bellevue, WA – Gayatri Eassey (SU/KCYD)
  • 2004: Spokane, WA – Gayatri Eassey (SU/KCYD)
  • 2005: Vancouver, WA – Aaron Belenky (KCYD)
  • 2006: Tacoma, WA – Krystal Wood (SU/PCYD/KCYD) with Corey Sanders (KCYD)
  • 2007: Wenatchee, WA – Amanda Nelson (CCYD/KCYD) over Sean Barratt (KCYD)
  • 2008: Vancouver, WA – Amanda Nelson (CCYD/KCYD)
  • 2009: Spokane, WA – Megan Gustafson (KCYD)
  • 2010: Seattle, WA – Chiho Lai (WWU/KCYD)
    (Andrew Peabody (KCYD/UW) completed term)
  • 2011: Yakima, WA – Ashley Parcells (UW/KCYD)
  • 2012: Drew Pollom (GU/KCYD)
  • 2013: Derrick Skaug (WSU)
    (Lynda Foster (PCYD) completed term)
  • 2014: Lynda Foster (PCYD)
  • 2015: Yakima, WA – Lynda Foster (PCYD)
  • 2016: Vancouver, WA – LaKecia Farmer (WSU/KCYD) with Sarah Kohout (WWU/PCYD)
  • 2017: Olympia, WA LaKecia Farmer (KCYD) with Arne Nelson (Kitsap/Thurston) over Melissa Boles (Clark)
  • 2018: Bellevue, WA Jose Olsen over Matt Kanter (King)
  • 2019: Renton, WA Spencer Lively (Skagit/UW/King) over Capri Holden (Spokane/Stevens)
  • 2020: Virtual Vote due to COVID Derek Richards (King) with Capri Holden (Spokane/Stevens) over Spencer Lively (Skagit/UW/King)

THANK YOUs: This list was compiled with help from Dean NielsenJames Apa, Javier Valdez, Matt Kanter, Selina Davis, and many others.

Notes: “with” = VP/EVP candidate; “over” = runner-up


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3 Responses

  1. Selina Davis says:

    Hi Rob!

    Here’s what I remember of the years I was involved and just prior:

    1997: Don’t know – Dean Nielsen
    1998: Don’t recall – Dean Nielsen
    1999: Tacoma – Ivan ??
    2000: Seattle – Jaxon Ravens
    2001: Snoqualmie Pass – Selina Davis & Bruce Davis (no relation, Selina Davis completed term)

    I may be wrong on and/or mixing up 1998 and 1999. Dean would seem to be the next to contact for historical reconstruction. James Apa also knows and probably remembers a lot of historical info from the 90s and earlier. I believe former presidents include founder Warren Magnusson, Dennis Eagle Ginger Eagle (from what I was told, she was the first woman, I was the second.) Others who got their start in YDW include frmr Gov Mike Lowry, frmr State Party Chair Paul Berendt, frmr US Rep Don Bonker, State Auditor Brian Sonntag, frmr Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, frmr Seattle Mayor Wes Uhlmann … but I don’t know whether any of these folks were YDW Presidents.

    Good grief, memory failure is making me feel old right about now. 😉

    – S

  2. Jens says:

    Ginger Eagle must be ~1995. I met her in germany on a congress. But she had a function in your national board those days.

  3. Dean says:

    I was 96-97 (Seattle convention) and 97-98 (Spokane convention).

    95-96 was Mike Sando

    I think 94-95 and 93-94 was Apa.

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