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King County Young Democrats Officers 2002-2006

I’m archiving an old website and I came across some old lists of contacts from the King County Young Democrats.  I figured this would be an interesting place to post this list.

2002 Officers

  • Chair: Angela Henry
  • Vice-Chair: Chris Cramer
  • Communications Director: Angie Cvetkovich
  • Treasurer: Rob Dolin
  • KCDCC Representative: Marie Yamamoto

2003 Officers

  • Chair: Rob Dolin
  • Vice-Chair: Jamie Corning
  • Communications Director: Tillie Gallagher
  • Treasurer: Jason Bennett
  • KCDCC Representative: Justin Simmons
  • Political Director: Paul Scoville
  • Federal Legislative Director: Nicole Kovite
  • State Legislative Director:Steve Smith
  • Local Legislative Affairs Director: Jennifer Wegmann
  • At-Large:Tania Maria Rosario
  • Immediate Past President:Angela Henry

2004 Officers

  • Chair: Rob Dolin
  • Vice-Chair: Aaron Belenky
  • Communications Director: Robert Beiser
  • Treasurer: Steve Smith
  • KCDCC Representative: Tillie Gallagher
  • Political Affairs Director (South King County): Paliosc Benjon
  • Political Affairs Director (North King County): Sabrina Weiner
  • Federal Legislative Director: Rachel Leigh
  • State Legislative Director: Arija Flowers
  • Local Legislative Affairs Director: Sarah Reyneveld
  • At-Large: Jon Zimmerman
  • Immediate Past President: Angela Henry

2005 Officers

  • Chair: Steve Smith
  • Vice-Chair: Allison Smith
  • Treasurer: Tillie Gallagher
  • Communications Director: Robert Beiser
  • KCDCC Representative: Alexander West
  • Political Affairs Director: Kelly Chafin
  • Federal Legislative Affairs Director: Amy Ockerlander
  • State Legislative Affairs Director: Sarah Reyneveld
  • Local Legislative Affairs Director: Jack Ross
  • At-Large: Jon Zimmerman
  • Past Chair: Rob Dolin

2006 Officers

  • Chair: Sean Baratt
  • Vice-Chair: Kelly Chafin
  • Communications Director: Rachel Zommick
  • Treasurer: Tillie Gallagher
  • Finance/Fundraising Director: Megan Gustafson
  • State and Federal Political Affairs Director: Amy Ockerlander
  • Local Political Affairs Director: Amy Ockerlander
  • Legislative Affairs Director: Sam Ross
  • KCDCC Female Rep.: Elizabeth Pew
  • KCDCC Male Rep.: Aaron Belenky
  • Membership Director: Erik Nielson
  • Outreach Director: Sarah Schacht
  • Technology Director: Corey Ann Khan
  • Social Director: Sara Needleman-Carlton
  • Past Chair: Steve Smith

Updated 4/29/2012 with the below additions:

2010 Officers

  • Chair: Andrew Peabody
  • Treasurer: Chiho Lai
  • Communications: Amanda Nelson
  • Political / Legislative: Rob Dolin
  • Vice-Chair East: Brandon Adams
  • Communications East: Ian Jacobson
  • Membership East: Cyrus Habib
  • Vice-Chair Seattle: Robin Ldebetter
  • Communications Seattle: Greg Haffner

2011 Officers

  • Chair: Michael Althauser
  • Vice-Chair, Events Director: Ashley Parcells
  • Finance Director: Chiho Lai
  • Communications Director: Greg Haffner
  • Political Affairs Director: Rob Dolin
  • East Membership Director: Elizabeth Bateman
  • West Membership Director: Vamsi Velagapudi
  • IT Director: Andrew Villeneuve

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