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King County Young Democrats Officers 2002-2006

I’m archiving an old website and I came across some old lists of contacts from the King County Young Democrats.  I figured this would be an interesting place to post this list.

2002 Officers

  • Chair: Angela Henry
  • Vice-Chair: Chris Cramer
  • Communications Director: Angie Cvetkovich
  • Treasurer: Rob Dolin
  • KCDCC Representative: Marie Yamamoto

2003 Officers

  • Chair: Rob Dolin
  • Vice-Chair: Jamie Corning
  • Communications Director: Tillie Gallagher
  • Treasurer: Jason Bennett
  • KCDCC Representative: Justin Simmons
  • Political Director: Paul Scoville
  • Federal Legislative Director: Nicole Kovite
  • State Legislative Director:Steve Smith
  • Local Legislative Affairs Director: Jennifer Wegmann
  • At-Large:Tania Maria Rosario
  • Immediate Past President:Angela Henry

2004 Officers

  • Chair: Rob Dolin
  • Vice-Chair: Aaron Belenky
  • Communications Director: Robert Beiser
  • Treasurer: Steve Smith
  • KCDCC Representative: Tillie Gallagher
  • Political Affairs Director (South King County): Paliosc Benjon
  • Political Affairs Director (North King County): Sabrina Weiner
  • Federal Legislative Director: Rachel Leigh
  • State Legislative Director: Arija Flowers
  • Local Legislative Affairs Director: Sarah Reyneveld
  • At-Large: Jon Zimmerman
  • Immediate Past President: Angela Henry

2005 Officers

  • Chair: Steve Smith
  • Vice-Chair: Allison Smith
  • Treasurer: Tillie Gallagher
  • Communications Director: Robert Beiser
  • KCDCC Representative: Alexander West
  • Political Affairs Director: Kelly Chafin
  • Federal Legislative Affairs Director: Amy Ockerlander
  • State Legislative Affairs Director: Sarah Reyneveld
  • Local Legislative Affairs Director: Jack Ross
  • At-Large: Jon Zimmerman
  • Past Chair: Rob Dolin

2006 Officers

  • Chair: Sean Baratt
  • Vice-Chair: Kelly Chafin
  • Communications Director: Rachel Zommick
  • Treasurer: Tillie Gallagher
  • Finance/Fundraising Director: Megan Gustafson
  • State and Federal Political Affairs Director: Amy Ockerlander
  • Local Political Affairs Director: Amy Ockerlander
  • Legislative Affairs Director: Sam Ross
  • KCDCC Female Rep.: Elizabeth Pew
  • KCDCC Male Rep.: Aaron Belenky
  • Membership Director: Erik Nielson
  • Outreach Director: Sarah Schacht
  • Technology Director: Corey Ann Khan
  • Social Director: Sara Needleman-Carlton
  • Past Chair: Steve Smith

Updated 4/29/2012 with the below additions:

2010 Officers

  • Chair: Andrew Peabody
  • Treasurer: Chiho Lai
  • Communications: Amanda Nelson
  • Political / Legislative: Rob Dolin
  • Vice-Chair East: Brandon Adams
  • Communications East: Ian Jacobson
  • Membership East: Cyrus Habib
  • Vice-Chair Seattle: Robin Ldebetter
  • Communications Seattle: Greg Haffner

2011 Officers

  • Chair: Michael Althauser
  • Vice-Chair, Events Director: Ashley Parcells
  • Finance Director: Chiho Lai
  • Communications Director: Greg Haffner
  • Political Affairs Director: Rob Dolin
  • East Membership Director: Elizabeth Bateman
  • West Membership Director: Vamsi Velagapudi
  • IT Director: Andrew Villeneuve

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Local Journalism Start-ups

With the announcement that Todd Bishop and John Cook were leaving Seattle tech news website TechFlash to start their own tech news site, GeekWire, I thought it would be a good time to give a shout-out to some of the Seattle local news sites that I enjoy:

There are also a ton of great local neighborhood blogs.  One of my personal favorites are Wallyhood. Do you have any favorites?

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Capturing a Double Rainbow with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Someone from Windows Live product management worked with Bear (aka the Double Rainbow guy) to do a brief spot for Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Trying to take a picture like this is a great use case for Windows Live Photo Gallery’s photo stitch feature.

Here’s the video:

And if you’re not familiar with the original “Double Rainbow” video, check it out:

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Favorite Past Posts (2009 and 2010)

Below are some of my favorite posts from 2009 and 2010:

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Archived Posts from Rob Dolin’s space

If you’re interested reading some of my blog posts from 2006-2010, you can find them on  Specific categories that might be of interest include:

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How to add a “Share” link to your WordPress blog for Windows Live Messenger

I just migrated my Windows Live Space to WordPress, but I want to have my new blog’s visitors easily be able to share my blog posts out to their favorite online communities like Facebook, Twitter, and Windows Live.  I noticed that WordPress has built-in buttons for Facebook and Twitter but not Windows Live.  So I did a bit of digging and figured-out how to add a button to share on Windows Live Messenger.  Here’s what I did:

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Welcome to Rob Dolin’s Blog

With the migration of Windows Live Spaces to WordPress, I’ve decided to begin more actively blogging at this address:  Thus what has been “Rob Dolin’s Exercise blog” is now just “Rob Dolin’s Blog.”

If you’re looking for content from my old blog, “Rob Dolin’s Space” it can be found here:

Thanks very much for visiting–

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