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Vegas Jog

This past weekend, H. and I were in Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding and since she’s now training for a half-marathon, she needed to do 50 minutes of cardio.  I had not been working-out in a while (as I hadn’t been feeling well) but I decided to give it a go since we were out of town and I figured it was better to exercise than gamble.

Though I kept my pace relatively slow (and H. was kind enough not to run circles around me) and we did between three and four miles on flat ground taking down Las Vegas Blvd from Flamingo to Tropicana, out to Paradise Blvd. (the one your cabbie probably drove on to get to the Convention Center), back to Flamingo down Paradise, and then back to Las Vegas down Flamingo.  FWIW, this is the larger jogging route recommended by the Harrah’s chain.

H. was disappointed that the paths were not in better shape, but I was just happy that it felt good to be running again.


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