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More running with Della

Let me start by defining three “laps” that I’ve been doing with our dog Della.  Each starts from our home near the Pike Place market, runs south/southeast toward SoDo, and then heads north toward Victor Steinbrueck park. 

  • Short lap – South to Madison St. (four blocks before Yesler)
  • Regular lap – South to Yesler St.
  • Extended lap – South to King St. (four blocks past Yesler)

There’s also an estimate that H made that it was one mile from Yesler St. to Bell St. along the waterfront.

So this past week, in additional to a Tuesday Racquetball game and walking Della from downtown to her Doggy Daycare south of SafeCo field on Wednesday; I had two pretty good runs:

  • Friday: 1/2 regular lap, 2-mile rule (Yesler –> Bell –> Yesler), then 2nd half or regular lap
  • Sunday: two consecutive regular laps

Now I just wish I wasn’t sore 🙂


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