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A new dog walking route with fewer distractions for Della, less wind for Rob, and a mild but strenuous incline for both of us

This past week, I was pleased to discover that Post Alley is now clear of construction junk and can now be easily traversed between the Pike Place Market and Madison St.  As my walks/runs/jogs with our dog Della have gone between Pioneer Square and Belltown, I’m looking for a route that:

  • Minimizes distractions for Della
  • Doesn’t have too much wind
  • Includes a mild incline

First Ave. has been great as far as the wind, but with people returning to work next week, the distractions will increase.  Western Ave. has been great as far as minimal distractions, but it’s pretty close to the bay and seems to get a hearty blast of wind. 

Post alley is a great opportunity in between. 


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