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Treadmill: 40 min, 3.13 mi, 475 cal

(Using Windows Live Writer to post)

Today was the bump-up from 5 min runs to 10 min runs.  The second one was a bit tough around the middle, but with the end in sight, I pushed on the final minute:

Time (min) Speed (mph) Include (%) Notes
5 3.5 0 walk
5 4.5 0 jog
10 5.5 0 run
5 4.8 1 jog
9 6.0 1 run
1 6.7 1 run
2 4.8 1 jog
3 3.5 1 walk

Here’s what I was reading:

(It would be nice if the WL Writer TaskPane include the ability to do a quick search for a link)

(I’m not sure how to insert the "more" spacer so I’ll just keep writing)

Things to do to improve my work-out:

  • Get a hair cut
  • Snake light

(WL Writer doesn’t have WordPress tags by default so I added them.  It looks like WordPress uses "-" for spaces so the "week 2" tag doesn’t work :(  )

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