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Treadmill: 35 min, 2.87 mi, 396 cal

Today I decided to increase my intensity (5.5 mph –> 6mph for the run part.)  I also reviewed the program and found that I was supposed to be doing a cool down after the second run so I cut that from 10min –> 5min

(Another cut and paste entry; I need to switch to WL Writer, but I’m on a shared computer since we have house guests this weekend)

Time (min) Speed (mph) Incline (%) Notes
5 3.5 0 walk
5 4.8 0 jog
5 6.0 0 run
7 4.8 1 jog
8 6.0 1 run
2 4.8 1 jog
3 3.5 1 walk

I’ll also try to log what I was reading or listening to during my run. In this case, Reading:

Finally, I’ll try to log some notes or improvements in my routine:

  • Either get the light or start a bit later so that natural light is available
  • Bring down a small towel
  • Bring down a post-it pad and pen so I’m not making my workout notations on the inside fo my books
  • Maybe make the light, towel (rotating 🙂 ) and post-it pad into a small work-out kit
  • Maybe I’m taking this too seriously 🙂

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