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Treadmill: 40 min, 3.03 mi, 401* cal

Another 5:45am day; some slight increases in my jog speed

(Aside: I cut and pasted from the previous entry to get the table.  Not bad, but not a good flow either; Thanks Chris for the suggestion to use Windows Live Writer)

Time (min) Speed (mph) Incline (%) Notes
5 3 0 walk
5 4.5 0 jog
5 5.5 0 run
10 4.5 1 jog
5 5.5 1 run
5 4.8 1 jog
5 3.5 1 walk

I’ll also try to log what I was reading or listening to during my run. In this case, Reading:

Potential improvements:

  • I tried the other treadmill (which has lights on both sides) but around 13 minutes into my work-out, it seemed to hit a fault and was only able to max out at 2.7 mph 😦  I switched to the original treadmill where now the one light is busted.  Time to get that snake light

* I wasn’t able to get the calories for the 1st five minutes since the threadmill was partially broken. 

(Aside: It’s lame that WordPress doesn’t show my previous tags)

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