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Treadmill: 40 min, 2.86 mi, 391 cal

I’m trying week 1 of a program to run a 5k.  It’s:
and the times vary as you get better.  Here’s what I did this morning:

(Aside: why doesn’t WordPress’s editor support tables?  Switching to code…)

Time (min) Speed (mph) Incline (%) Notes
5 3 0 walk
5 4 0 jog
5 5 0 run
10 4.5 1 jog
5 5.5 1 run
5 4.5 1 jog
5 3.5 1 walk

I’ll also try to log what I was reading or listening to during my run.  In this case, Reading:

(Aside: I really like that I can stretch-out the edit window in WordPress; but if my blog entry is taller than my screen, the double-vertical scrolling is a pain; I guess the work-around is to stretch the edit window longer than the blog entry so there’s only one scroll bar)

Finally, I’ll try to log some notes or improvements in my routine:

  • Get a detachable light to bring down to the treadmill as the ceiling light is positioned so half of the page is shaded
  • Find a WordPress plug-in for editing HTML tables so I don’t need to manually code the HTML

(Update 2008-02-26: Fixed cut and paste error in table)

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3 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    Dude, why arent you using Live Writer to post? The WordPress blog editor is horrible.

  2. Tony says:

    When is the 5k?

  3. robdolin says:

    ‘Good question about the 5k Tony. Any suggestions for one coming-up?

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